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Best Online Mahjong Game Guide

The game Mahjong is very popular in China. Nine hundred million Chinese people play Mahjong, while 100 million watch it, according to a popular saying. There are millions of users playing this game around the world. Many Chinese enjoy it as a pastime. Mahjong is also commonly played during festivals or celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

Online Mahjong Game

What is Mahjong?

A tile game known as sparrow máquè or 'sparrow game' is played in some areas of China. Traditionally, the game was played with bamboo or bone tiles, but nowadays, it is played with plastic tiles.

Mahjong consist from 144 tiles, including 36 bamboo tiles, 36 circle tiles, 36 character tiles, 16 wind tiles, 12 dragon tiles, and eight bonus tiles (4 flowers and four seasons).

Mahjong is a popular game with many regional variations, just like many other popular games. The 136 tiles are only available in northern China's Mahjong online. There are only 108 tiles in Sichuan Province because they do not use wind and dragon tiles.

Why should you play Mahjong online?

Why should you play Mahjong online?

Here are some reasons that help you understand why playing mahjong benefits you.

- Pattern recognition is developed

Even if they have never seen the symbols on the tiles, mahjong players must recognize them. It improves mental pattern recognition. As players play more, they are faster at identifying and matching tile symbols.

Nevertheless, they cannot describe each symbol in detail. General patterns are identified more quickly by the brain.

- Improves memory

Memorization and pattern recognition are improved when one plays regularly. A certain degree of memorization is required for pattern recognition. Players must retain distinguishing features about each symbol, even if they do not remember the details.

Meanwhile, memorization occurs when a player surveys the board and tries to remember the position of the mahjong tiles so they can quickly match and remove them.

- Improves concentration

Keeping focus is key to winning Mahjong Solitaire faster and collecting the benefits. Any distraction can rupture memorization and pattern recognition processes. To progress, they will have to constantly go back to the beginning of their analysis to find and match the best pairs.

Therefore, playing free online Mahjong is a great way to train the ability to focus and concentrate on a single subject.

How to Play Mahjong?

How to Play Mahjong?

Various regional variations of Mahjong exist (i.e., American Mahjong, Taiwanese Mahjong, Japanese Mahjong, etc.) and house rules. All players should be aware of the style of the game, any house rules, how much money will be involved, and how to play Mahjong before the game begins.

Mahjong is a four-player game based on Chinese symbols and characters, similar to poker cards. Three suits of tiles are used in Mahjong:

  • Circles
  • Bamboos
  • Chinese characters

Each suite has four sets of tiles (1-9), totaling 36 tiles. There are two special suites, dragon and wind, containing three dragon tiles and four wind tiles, respectively, in addition to the three suits mentioned above. Mahjong can be played without bonus tiles with four flowers and four seasons in some variants.

The goal of Mahjong is to form a mahjong composed of four melds and a pair. A meld is a combination of tiles, while a pair is two identical tiles. Melds come in three types:

  • Pong consists of three tiles that match each other.
  • Kong: consists of four identical tiles.
  • Chow: a sequence of three tiles of the same suit.

Players roll dice to determine who plays first to start a Mahjong game. In most online games, the player with the highest roll becomes the dealer, and the player to his or her right takes the first turn.

All tiles must be placed face down on the mahjong table by the dealer and then shuffled. After that, the dealer distributes 13 tiles to each player, leaving the remaining tiles in the middle of the table. Draw piles are made up of undealt tiles.

Whenever a player draws first, they draw an extra tile to begin the game. It is a turn-based game where players draw and discard tiles during the game. There must always be 13 tiles in each player's hand.

There is good news for non-Chinese speakers: the symbols on tiles do not need to be read. The only thing they have to do is recognize the differences between them.

Mahjong Bets and Payouts Explained

Many players around the world enjoy Mahjong games. However, they do not understand how this game works. Their bets are constantly losing because of this. There are several ways in which gamblers can earn money by betting on Mahjong.

Mahjong is called by player A with a drawn tile. When a player wins, the money in his hand doubles. It is the responsibility of the losing player to pay both the bettor and the winning player. Whenever a winning player places a bet, they receive double the amount.

Mahjong Bettors

You can learn what a bettor is in Mahjong here if you're wondering what it is. Each Mahjong has a disk. The players of this game define it as an indicator of direction or a betting tool. Hence, before betting on this game, people should understand the bettor.

The bettor can be used by gamblers when playing Mahjong. Various directions, such as East, West, North, and South, can be indicated. The bettor can also be used to select characters such as 1, 2, 4, 3, 7, and more.

Tips To Win Mahjong game

  • Make sure you know your probabilities. Decide how you want to win your hand by counting your chances. The chow is better if you need a one or a four to complete a chow of two and three; on the other hand, a pong of two and two with a second two will only give you two chances.
  • Don't forget to count the discard pile and others' gardens, including your own, where revealed tiles are laid down when you calculate the probability of your tiles.
  • The person to your left can only chow from you, so if you do a different suit than them, it is ideal, and similarly, the person to your right cannot chow from you if you do the same suit.
  • Some players insist that if they call pong, they must pong (even if they change their minds); therefore, if you think you want a tile and it is thrown out, halt play by saying, "one moment, please," to double-check.
  • Don't try to win by picking your own hands or breaking your three faan hands up into seven faan hands at the beginning. You want to accumulate good vibes and luck in the Mahjong set and win small hands frequently at the beginning to increase your luck later on.
  • Don't give up too soon. It is difficult to give up your hand; however, if you know that you will not complete your hand soon, throw out only the tiles already in the discard area to prevent giving out the winning tile. When someone makes a big seven-faan hand, calculate the faans of your hand to see if throwing out risky tiles is worth it.

Mahjong sessions consist of at least 16 games. The game is similar to poker in that you don't have to go all the time. You're in it for the long drag, so feel free to take a back seat and go full throttle when the cards are good.

Are you not winning and feeling sad about it? Don't be afraid. It also means that you haven't lost if you haven't won. 

There is only one loser since only that person has to pay, so technically, your pot has not decreased. It is still cheaper to hand someone the winning tile if they self-pick than if you throw it directly to them.

Final Thoughts

Playing online Mahjong is easy and beneficial for mental health, but when you bet on it, it can cause multiple risks regarding online gambling. It's better to take care of certain things before diving into the online casino world. It would be best if you had full control of your mind and pocket to win the game. Try to focus on the pattern and bet on the game in online casino Malaysia.


a. Is Mahjong a rigged game?

Mahjong online games can be rigged if you use an illegitimate website. You should always check that the website is licensed and has many good reviews over a long period.

b. Can I win real money when playing Mahjong?

The ability to bet and win money in any form of a game can easily become an addiction. The effects of addiction can be felt in all aspects of one's life. Addiction can be prevented by staying informed about the methods and knowing there is no shame in seeking help if you need it.

c. What's the best Mahjong game to play?

There is more to free online mahjong games than just luck. Players develop skills at discarding tiles and predicting their opponent's moves throughout their careers. Recognition and understanding of the tiles' combinations are also important.

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