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Allbet Live Casino

Allbet Group, established in 2014, is the newest gaming and entertainment group in Asia. Combining the knowledge and expertise of dozens of betting professionals with the most up-to-date network technology, they have successfully developed an ultimate gaming platform that is only dedicated to baccarat games and other casino games. Allbet has continuously operated under the philosophy of "excellence accomplished through trust," They are committed to providing gamers with a fair and secure entertainment platform.

The Allbet Live Game Hall in Malaysia

It is important to note that All Bet Group's exceptional platform functionalities and design are all based on the usage patterns of players, which include the following characteristics. The All Bet platform became an instant success in the business after it was created.

The first entertainment platform was launched in 1995

The first look at the multi-table 12 routes. There are four different table display styles to choose from: four, eight, sixteen, or thirty-two—starter system with six cards, VIP table, Mic baccarat, and so on.

One of their most well-known titles is a new shooting game

The All Bet Group is dedicated to introducing new technologies and exceeding their expectations. All Bet has been attentively following the industry trend in recent years and has developed a mobile game platform as a result. They have been breaking down commercial hurdles consistently. One of their most outstanding achievements is the shooting game "Century Air War," released in 2017.

Internationally recognized certification

The business of All Bet has been officially authorized by the Philippine government's only permitted licensing and the regulatory unit, PAGCOR, to conduct business in the country. Their live-action platform systems are also certified by third-party testing groups GLI, which employs the highest benchmark from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom to ensure their systems. They are a dependable and powerful entertainment group with a proven track record.

The ICE Totally Gaming International Event in London

For the past two years, All Bet has participated in the ICE Totally Gaming International Event, which is hosted in London, United Kingdom. Guests from all over the world will be able to see the latest products, software, hardware technologies, and service solutions from All Bet, which will be on display at the event. As a result, it is possible to see All Bet's future developments and innovative products in action.

BET Live Casino Games Come in a Variety of Varieties

Located in the Makati Central Business District of the Philippines, the All Bet Live Video site is housed in the PBCom Building. This facility, approximately 1,500 square meters in size, employs more than 400 people. Among the four major game halls on the live casino, the game platform is the Dragon Hall, Multi-Play Hall, VIP Hall, and BidMi Hall, all located in Las Vegas. Each gaming hall has its own set of features and functionalities tailored to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of players. Players may relax in their own homes while taking part in the excitement of any game from an online casino.


Using the concepts of fairness, justice, and transparency as guiding principles, All Bet has designed a six-card initial deal technique. All Bet offers a variety of baccarat games to enhance the overall gaming experience by allowing players to feel the thrill of being in a real casino without having to leave their homes.


Dragon Tiger Games is a poker variant adapted on the baccarat game. Instead of looking at the pattern of the cards, the winner is determined by the number of cards dealt. It is trendy because it is straightforward to play.


Roulette offers a variety of betting options and is one of the most popular games to play in casinos today. All Bet's roulette game is realistic, and it is also played in real-time. The excellent technique that a professional dealer utilizes to roll the dice on the quickly moving roulette wheel allows players to thoroughly enjoy the excitement of the game to the fullest extent possible.

Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo is frequently referred to as "gambling large little" since the most prevalent wagering option is either a huge or a small bet. Sic Bo is a high-octane game with various wagering options to choose from. For Asian players, it is a favorite game to play.

A traditional Chinese card game that has been around for a long time. In exchange for three cards, the dragon and the phoenix exchanged messages. The game has its own rules that no one else can duplicate. It is entertaining, and it can challenge the odds of 120 times the stake. Players' knowledge and courage are frequently tested in this game. It appears to be highly appealing to the participants.

Bull Bull

Often known as "bullfight," is a traditional Chinese sport that originated in China. The game's rules are straightforward, and all that is necessary is a standard deck of playing cards. Both the dealer and the players are dealt a hand of five cards. Bull is the name given to the individual who has three cards that can produce a multiple of ten. The value of the remaining two cards determines the placement of the remaining two cards. To improve the smoothness of the game, All Bet employs cutting-edge intelligent technology, which allows players to enjoy a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Allbet’s exclusive games

Allbet,  which began with a live casino game, developed a full-probability shooting game with the theme of air combat, which they called Air Combat Century. Eighty-three different types of fighter jets from all over the world were offered for use in the game, including more than 100 authentic fighters with historical details dating back to the First World War and World War II. In terms of gameplay, there are six different battlefield sceneries to choose from, each with a varied number of enemies.

With varying levels of cannons, automatic and locked shooting functions, accumulated Jackpot awards, and other features, the new probabilistic shooting game, in conjunction with the real fighter and animation design, has allowed thousands of military fans to experience the joys of flying in the air! The action-packed and thrilling century war is now available online. Are you ready to take on the world?
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