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Best Live Dragon Tiger Game Guide

A live casino game produced by Evolution Gaming is Live Dagon Tiger. Baccarat is similar to this game but much simpler. Live Dragon Tiger is very popular in Asia and India because it only requires two cards. A special feature of the game is its fast gameplay. Each round takes about 25 seconds to complete.

Whenever you get winning numbers, blinking lights will appear on the game. Using Baccarat-style roads, you can track your stats and improve your gameplay by predicting the outcome of your future rounds.

A friendly and smiling female dealer will also be available to chat with you during the game. You can choose between 2 views when you feel like switching: a classic view and a 3D view.

Live Dragon Tiger

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is an entirely chance-based game. Because players aren't playing against the dealer but against each other, it's unique. Instead of playing against the dealer, you'll play against the Tiger hand if you bet on the Dragon hand.

Once you've gotten the hang of it, you pick the cards, and the dealer will lay them out for you. One card is dealt to each team, and whoever has the highest hand wins; it's that simple. Unlike blackjack, where you have to wait at the entire table to play dragon tiger live, dragon tiger is a quick game. There will only be a few minutes of waiting between games.

This game is available in the live dealer section in the Malaysia online casino where you are playing. The best live dragon tiger casinos offer a similar experience to land-based casinos. The live dealers interact with players during the game and are 100% professional. There is no doubt that Dragon Tiger is one of the best games out there due to the amazing live dealers. Playing this game won't leave you bored; you'll want to keep playing once you're hooked.

Evolution Gaming created Dragon Tiger as a simplified version of Baccarat using their software. It is the perfect online game to play if you're looking for something exciting. Evolution Gaming creates several online casino games that players can enjoy, and the company is known for its high-quality graphics and smooth software.

Why should a live dragon tiger? 

Why should a live dragon tiger? 

- One of the easiest casino games

It is a straightforward game, and you will be able to figure it out after just a few deals. Dragon tiger live casino rules are the same whether you play online with friends or at a land-based casino.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, choose a licensed online service if you decide to play online.

- Online play is also available

Almost all of the games in land-based casinos are now available in online casinos as they grow daily. You play against a machine, but the rules remain the same. Do not worry; they are designed to be so random that you will have the same experience as if you were in a physical casino.

- Mobile Dragon Tiger live to stream

Live Dragon Tiger can be played at online casinos offering iOS and Android casino apps. As with Live Dragon Tiger on a desktop, these apps work the same way. The gameplay features are the same.

There are three casinos where you can download Live Dragon Tiger casino apps: Jeetwin, Dafabet, and LeoVegas.

How to Play live Dragon live?

How to Play live Dragon live?

The simplicity and speed of the play of Dragon Tiger have made it one of the world's most popular live casino games.

A high-definition video stream of our eight-deck Live Dragon Tiger game is brought to you by real, professional dealers.

With various exciting side bets, this casino classic can enhance your winnings.

- Live Dragon Tiger Rules

It is extremely easy to play Dragon Tiger. The Dragon and Tiger betting positions on the table each receive two cards: one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. It is the betting position that receives the higher card that wins.

Players can place bets on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. Below you will find the Side Bets.

The ace is the lowest ranking card, followed by two and king, ranked in order of their natural values.

The highest card wins no matter what suit the card is in Live Dragon Tiger.

On either Live Dragon Tiger on Mobile, if both the Dragon position and Tiger position are dealt the same card, players lose 50% of their bets

Live Dragon Tiger can be played at online casinos offering iOS and Android casino apps. As with Live Dragon Tiger on a desktop, these apps work the same way. The gameplay features are the same.

Casino apps for Live Dragon Tiger are available at Jeetwin, Dafabet, and LeoVegas. Each round of the game ends with winning bets being paid out.

Live Dragon Tiger Bets and Payouts Explained

96.27 percent is the optimal return on the main bet on Dragon / Tiger. In the game, you can place four different types of bets:

Higher or Lower

Dragon High and Tiger High are available for betting. A Dragon high or Tiger high bet wins if the dealer deals you an 8. If the dealer deals you a seven or lower, you lose.

Dragon Low and Tiger High are also available for betting. You win a Dragon low and Tiger high when a six is dealt. You lose if a seven or higher is dealt.

Tie Bet

Regardless of the suit, a tie bet is an extra side bet you can place on the Dragon or Tiger card to be the same.

Should the round end in a tie, you will receive 50% of your main bet back if you placed a tie bet. As a result of the tie, he receives an 11:1 payout.

Suited Tie Bet

When Dragon and Tiger cards are the same rank and suit, you can make a suited tie bet.

After a tie, you get 50% of your bet back if you placed a suited tie bet. Suitably tied bets provide a 50:1 return in this case.

Tips To Win live dragon tiger

- Tie bets should be avoided

Tie bets pay 8 to 1, but you should avoid them. It is due to the house's advantage of 33.77 percent. Eighty-six thousand three hundred twenty combinations of hands make up the house edge of 32.77%. 

A total of 86,320 hand combinations will result in 79,872 losing bets. Out of 86,320 possible hand combinations, only 6,488 are tie bets.

- System betting is not recommended

Due to its simplistic nature, Dragon Tiger may seem like a game where betting systems can work. Beware, no form of the betting system will work.

- You can bet on dragons or tigers

Dragon and Tiger both have a house edge of 3.73%. Therefore, you should always bet on Dragon Tiger. Putting it into practice is simple.

Make your bet on Dragon if you believe it has the best hand. You should bet on Tiger if you think he has the best hand.

- Count the cards

Dragon Tiger's simplicity makes it ideal for card counting.

For example, the number of 7s dealt from the deck can be determined because the 7s are the losing cards.

In addition, cards with values of 8 and above can be used similarly. You can place your bets on small or big based on the number of 8s dealt from the deck.

Final Thoughts

Are you having trouble learning a game? Dragon Tiger is the game for you. Watch the game unfold by betting on Dragon or Tiger. Whether you are new or a professional player, you can play.

Unlike blackjack, this game does not need to memorize full strategies. Hopefully, you've learned much from our guide to live dragon tigers in Cambodia. Our website offers plenty of casino game guides to purvey if you're interested in other live dealer games.


a. Is dragon tiger a rigged game?

There is no rigging involved in Live Dragon Tiger.

b. Can I win real money when playing dragon tiger?

In Dragon Tiger Online Casino, you cannot exchange your money for cash and cannot bet with real money. All transactions are calculated in dollars. If you win in a dragon tiger live casino game online, that doesn't mean you will win in a real Dragon Tiger casino game.

c. What's the best dragon tiger casino to play?

Whenever possible, avoid betting on ties on Dragon Tiger. Live casino dragon tiger is not available from many software providers. Currently, most players prefer Baccarat over this game. Nevertheless, if you want to try something a bit different, it can be a fun and relaxing experience. Aside from that, the rules, cards, and strategies are straightforward, which makes it ideal for beginners. You only need a solid casino that hosts Dragon Tiger tables.

d. How do I win against a dragon tiger?

Ensure you understand how the cards are dealt with and how the bets are placed before taking on the Dragon Tiger casino challenge. You can improve your chances of winning Dragon Tiger by using numerous game strategies despite its simplicity. Master the game with these strategies to become the next great player: Martingale's strategy, Suit-based strategy and Card-counting strategy

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