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Bangkok's horse racing and the Thai lottery are the only two kinds of authorized gambling permitted in Thailand, with the other being horse racing in Phuket. I want to point out that gambling is a legal form of entertainment in Thailand.

The Thai lottery has a payout percentage of 60 percent, which is very high. The Government Lottery Office Act (B.E. 2517) of Thailand, which is based on the Thai state GLO Act, is the legal framework for the lottery in its basic form.

Thai lottery

The price of a Thai lottery ticket is fixed.

The government set the price of a lottery ticket at 80 baht, and it will not be more than the fixed price. Single tickets are not available for purchase; only ticket pairs are. Ticket prices are 80 baht for each solo ticket and 160 baht for each team.

Those who participate in major international lotteries may be unaware of lotteries sponsored by smaller countries.This may be because their jackpots are rarely as large as those offered by international lotteries. For all we know, it could simply be that they are unfamiliar with the lottery's history or the mechanics of how it operates.


Unbelievably, the lottery was first launched in Thailand in 1874, more than a century ago.This lottery was in operation for many years until 1993, when it underwent a transformation and came under the government's jurisdiction.

This adjustment was implemented to ensure that the lottery's profits may be used as a source of revenue by the government to aid in the country's development.However, in 2014, the government was overthrown and replaced by a new military administration. This was the point at which the lottery was once again altered, this time due to the passage of many new laws that aimed to govern it.

One of the first regulations to be adopted was the imposition of a maximum price for lottery tickets, which was significant.Since then, the lottery's popularity has increased at an exponential rate.

Due to its widespread appeal and the fact that it is the only means by which players can test their luck in the country, it has gained such a following. The government severely prohibits all other types of gambling malaysia.

How to Buy Thai Lottery tickets

One of the most appealing aspects of the Thai lottery is that you are not required to select any numbers to participate. This relieves some of the pressure associated with making sure you choose the correct numbers.Instead, all lottery tickets sold by the government come with pre-printed lottery numbers on them. Thus, the lottery resembles a raffle drawn more closely than a traditional lottery.

A large part of the maximum price per ticket is the pre-printing of the lottery ticket number, which is one of the primary reasons for the price cap. Vendors were caught selling tickets with what were deemed "lucky" numbers at absurdly high prices, thus defrauding players of their hard-earned money.

Thai Government Lottery (TGL) tickets and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) tickets are both available for this lottery, with the former being the more popular of the two.Both of these tickets are playable in the same draw, and there is no difference between the two sorts of tickets other than the amount of the jackpot offered in each.

Players who purchase a ticket will be asked to pay 40 baht (about USD 1.27) for each access ticket purchased. Regrettably, the government also created legislation that mandates that a minimum of two tickets be sold at any given moment under any circumstances.

This means that the very cheapest you will be able to spend is 80 baht. Having two tickets that could potentially win you a substantial sum of money is a significant bonus in this situation.

How to Play the Thai Lottery Online

The Thai government has made significant strides toward ensuring a fair lottery for the country's citizens. Despite their efforts, they have not yet made substantial headway toward moving the lottery online.

This implies that tickets can only be purchased in person from authorized dealers or street vendors instead of online purchases. It appears that some independent web dealers were selling tickets a few years ago, but they have since disappeared. However, as far as we are aware, there is presently no opportunity to purchase tickets for the lottery through any online lottery websites.

Winning Chances

While the lottery maintains that the typical odds of winning are one in one million, the odds of winning vary significantly from draw to draw. Because the odds of winning are directly related to the number of tickets produced and the number of tickets sold, it is important to play responsibly.

Draw Time

Once a month, the Thai Lottery conducts two drawing sessions. The first draw of the month takes place on the first of the month and the second on the sixteenth.

The draw will be shown live on television starting at 3:00 PM (Indochina Time) and ending a little before 4:00 PM (Indochina Time).

Winner of the Thai Lottery

The lottery has offered the most significant jackpot in its history, at 30 million baht.

Unfortunately, when the military administration seized control in 2014, this large jackpot was taken away from the public.

Since then, the lottery has paid out a total of 3 million baht (on TCL tickets) and 2 million baht (on other tickets) as the most significant jackpot (on TGL tickets).

Thai lottery jackpot winners will not receive annuity payments if they win the jackpot. Instead, payment is made in a single lump sum of cash via a check.

All gains from TGL tickets are taxed at a rate of 0.5 percent of their total value.In the case of TCL tickets, the tax is limited to one percent of the winnings.

Is it worth it to play the Thai lottery?

The Thai lottery has been in existence for a longer period than practically any other lottery in the world. And, even though it has experienced various changes, some of which have been positive, others which have been negative, this lottery continues to be quite popular in Thailand.

We can see why after reading everything about this lottery. It provides good projected chances (even if you are never entirely sure of what they are), reasonable ticket costs, and jackpots that are well worth the price of a ticket.

So, whether you are a resident of Thailand or a visitor, we recommend that you get out there and purchase a ticket for the next draw. You never know when good fortune will smile upon you.

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