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188BET online casino review - 188bet live casino

Who could have imagined that an online casino could be the first-ever Betting Partnership with Formula 1? You see it right! It is none other than 188Bet.

188Bet’s Cool Partnership

As a leading online bookmaker, 188Bet has been licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. It has a wide range of products and services, such as Sports, Esports, Casino, Poker, Lotto, Action games, and others.

Hence, this is a big deal for 188Bet when they have officially signed to be exclusively Official Asian Sponsor for Formula 1. They are going to be throughout the Asian broadcast market for each season until 2024. Moreover, ISG, a world-leading virtual advertising company, joins this partnership so that sports fans could have the most wholesome live race information and enjoy betting on their favorite team.

When you think that it can’t be merrier and better than that, 188Bet is meant to break the glass ceiling. Werder Bremen has announced its official partnership with 188Bet to expand its Asian market. This is yet another successful partnership we look forward to, as 188Bet’s logo is printed on the club’s match shirt sleeves. This is undoubtedly one of the most efficient marketing 188Bet can have.

More than just a online casino

When we went into the website, what startled me the most is not how much promotion and bonuses it has, or how secure and smooth their website is, it’s about how the website does not look like the typical casino website!

If you are an experienced online casino player who likes to bet on various platforms, you will be as surprised as we are when we come across the 188Bet website. It looks just like an online news media website with an organized and tidy layout.

188Bet’s official website has no colorful pictures, sexy ladies, and a sharp color tone to catch your eyeballs. They are more professional, modern, and cool. It makes us feel like their direction of being an online casino is not just simply captivating people to come to play with their money, but help to build their reputation and company image in a more standardized and well-accomplished manner.

Contact 188Bet

One of the factors that makes 188Bet stand out is its responsive customer service team. Their diligent customer support is available 24/7, just like other online casino, to offer you assistance and resolve your inquiries. There are few options you could access, which are telephone numbers (Asian region and Euro region), email address, and a registered address at Isle of Man.

Online casino review 188Bet

Mobile version

188Bet has its own mobile app on either Apple iPhone or Android smartphones. The mobile version will have fewer games as compared to the website. It has slots and table games for their mobile application. No doubt, you could still access their famous sportsbook service too on the app. This mobile version still provides a more convenient choice for gamers to bet anywhere, anytime, especially for the players who are always on the go.


188Bet uses SSL encryption technologies, which basically means the technology is “watching” over every game and transaction made to ensure its security and protect from unauthorized access from hackers or scammers.

188Bet online casino Games Variety

188Bet has an extensive list of games from top online game developers like Betsoft. Slot games, table games, parlor games are among some of the games the players like to get on.

The slot games on 188Bet have different themes and designs that surely captivate players’ interests. The majority of the games on this website are slot games! So you would not be surprised when you see different ranges of games like Tomb Raider, The Pat Pack, and so on.

In order to increase the intensity of the experience, 3D slots are added to present the genre in a single tan among the virtual walls of a casino.

Online casino review 188Bet

A series of aggressive jackpots are available too like Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight jackpots. This might be a possible route to become a millionaire from playing the jackpot but be warned that it’s always a risk and take. So for those who want to play less aggressively and less risk, Treasure Nile and Fruit Fiest are the options. If you mix them both, that would be amazingly profitable if you manage to gauge your money responsibly.

Table games that involve roulette, baccarat, and blackjack are the norm for online casinos, just like in 188Bet. Compared to slot games, the quantity of table games is rather small. There is a live option to play on the table games too. With that, you would experience a more realistic betting game.

Extra Rebate

Instead of a welcome bonus, a first deposit bonus is given at 188Bet. You could enjoy up to USD388 bonus when you first deposit your money in 188 Bet.

Accordingly, other promotions come out based on the season and matches. There are redeposit bonuses, rebates, and new promotions. There is even a golden opportunity to win some limited edition jerseys.

Another notable part about the promotion is that they have stated the time period for that particular promotion which would not confuse the players whether it is still valid or not when they try to join the campaign. This can eliminate unnecessary conflicts between the company and the players.

Payment method

Skrill, Neteller, credit card, bank transfers, and e-wallets are the payment methods 188Bet use. The transaction normally takes about 1 day. The banking experience is quite smooth and effective as the deposit can proceed instantly.

Play 188bet


188Bet is more than just a place to bet on games. It has news articles for the latest sports and up-to-date football seasons. Not only you can gain some insight from the sports industry news, but you could also grab this chance to bet on a possible sports star according to the news. Good luck and play at your own risk!

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