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Online casinos in Malaysia 96Ace Review

“Play hard. Win hard.” Vivian Hsieh says it so. The famous Taiwan Instagram model sings the motto along the jingle from 96Ace. Her presence in the website helps their website to bring into so many traffic, without any doubt. Vivian has a stunning figure many girls will die for and many guys will admire for even if she is a mother already. 96Ace is so honored to have her on board to boost its image and drive so many male players crazy by playing their games to support her.


96Ace has grown into a popular gambling brand in Malaysia. It has a widespread presence with its unique games and services. Among all the other online casinos in Malaysia, we find that 96Ace has the smoothest gaming experience. They promise to provide the best thrilled gaming experience, with various types of games ranging from live casino, slots, sportsbook, slots, poker, and even 4D lottery.

96Ace overview

First thing we notice about their website is the 96Ace logo. The logo is very stunning, special and attractive. The 9 and 6 in the logo are not easily to be seen as they are both entwined to each other to make it an 8, which indicates prosperity in Mandarin. Additionally, 96Ace puts up their website based on the festivals we have in Malaysia.

For example, during May 2021, we have Hari Raya Aidifiltri coming up. Hence 96Ace makes a twist about their logo by mixing some Raya elements in there to make it more relevant and eye-catching. They even have some cute little ketupats flying around the website when you are scrolling them. It’s worth checking them out from time to time as it gives a vibe of familiarity and friendliness to Malaysian customers.

Overall, we find the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design of 96Ace is especially friendly and smooth. There is no lag from clicking to one page to another. The golden color and huge fonts are pleasing to the eyes too.

Focusing on the region of Asia countries, there are multiple languages chosen on the website for each country: English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese for Malaysian; Bahasa Indonesia and English for Indonesian; English and Chinese for Singaporean; and Thai and English for Thailand players.

4 steps to win

After you follow these steps to register as a 96Ace member, you are bound to play hard and win hard. The first step is registering an account for your playing experience through the ‘Sign Up’ button. Next, deposit the money so that you can have the odds to play all the games in 96Ace. Finally, when you have won that extra money, cash out. Yup, it’s as easy as that!

What game do they have?

96Ace has a great range of games from sports, Live Casino, Slot games and 4D Lottery. You can easily access them through the well-categorized section they have put.

96Ace has some of the best casino providers so that the members will not get bored of them. Choices like iBet, SBOBET, MEGA888, QTech, BetSoft and so on are available. This means that players can have a smooth experience betting their odds and better choices to diversify their games. As a saying goes, do not put all the eggs into one basket. This can’t be more true when it comes to playing on online casinos in Malaysia.

96Ace has some attractive Live Casino games. No matter how advanced and real the technology can mimic, there is no way to replace a live human being. We all crave for the attention and care from others. That is why playing with Live Dealer at 96Ace is going to be a ton of fun.

The 4D lottery and lucky draw are Malaysian’s favorites too. You can always find people buying lottery tickets anytime anything happens, regardless of something bad or good. For example, if you get a new car, Malaysians will buy the lottery using their new car plate number. Another example is if you get scammed, the first thing Malaysians might think about is not reporting the police, but buying lottery tickets because they believe the unlucky incident can somehow make them ‘luckier’. That is why putting 4D on 96Ace is so much convenient for any members to bet on it whenever and wherever they are. But, on a side note, please buy them at your own risk since they promote responsible gambling over here.

Slot games are one of the hottest games too, as they give the chance to newcomers or greenies to have a try on their luck. 918Kiss, Mega888 are just some of the most popular and common ones in 96Ace.


Being one of the leading online casinos in Malaysia, 96Ace ensures they ace on the security features. They have stored the member’s confidential information into the most secured platform where they will not disclose to third parties.

So, members should not be worried about the leakage of their private information as 96Ace has them covered!

Promotions and Bonuses

96Ace also needs to ace on their promotion compared to other online casinos in Malaysia. A 120% welcome bonus is given for up to RM200. 918Kiss and Mega888 have daily rebates. There are all types of cashbacks, rebates, prizes and points to get your winning chances higher and better.

One of the prominent bonuses in 96Ace is the collaboration with the physical casino like Resort World Genting and Sand. If members have this membership card, you can get to redeem a special bonus up to RM9999. Ramadhan bonus is given too, as of writing this article, which is extra rewards up to RM88 for every 5 deposits.

Daily bonus across the games, birthday bonus, rebates, attendance bonus and rescue bonuses are available at 96Ace in order to let the players win big.

Payment Options

96Ace has the payment methods of more traditional approaches. They use local banks as that would be more convenient for the Malaysian fans. The banks are CIMB bank, Maybank, Hong Leong bank, BSN, RHB bank and Ambank. The average deposit time is 2 minutes. The average withdrawal time is 9 minutes.

Customer Lines

96Ace has some of the best customer service out there as they are a 24/7 professional team that solves your problem in due time. Their customer lines are fantastic as they have an effortless and simple method to contact them. Live chat is a basic; email address is for those that use a more professional approach to settle some serious issues; whereas Whatsapp and Wechat are given too for social media geeks.


96Ace has quite an interesting approach for players as they are more down to earth since they incorporate lots of local elements through their website. Let’s see whether they can maintain the quality to maintain being the ace for the coming years.

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