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A beginner's guide to Basketball Betting 2022

With the NBA dominating the US market, basketball is a popular sport today. There has been a significant increase in basketball betting due to its competitive nature. Sportsbooks offering basketball betting have mushroomed as a result. This content will teach you all you need to know about basketball betting.

Basketball betting

What is Basketball Betting?

Betting on basketball is easy if you know what you're doing. In this process, you predict the outcome of different basketball games. Different leagues source basketball events, including:

  • NBA
  • EuroLeague
  • Liga ACB
  • LNB Pro A
  • Greek Basket League

For extreme basketball fans and bettors, some sportsbooks offer college basketball fixtures. To place the right basketball bets, you must understand the game. You must conduct intense research on basketball events to gather enough useful sports betting information. Basketball betting sites make the process easier. Basketball betting is easier with bookies that offer markets, betting lines, and fixtures.

Why should I bet on basketball?

Why should I bet on basketball?

If you understand basketball, you can make money betting on it. It is easier to track the betting markets and selections in football than in most other sports. Betting markets abound in basketball, one of the world's fastest-growing sports.


It's easy to predict the outcome of basketball betting, which is one of its biggest appeals. Better teams usually win. A team that doesn't pay attention can easily win if its opponent doesn't pay attention. Basketball's high-scoring nature often favors the dominant team.

Sports bettors benefit from basketball's predictability. Predictable matches usually win bets.


While socializing with friends, basketball wagering can be fun. You may find it entertaining and competitive to watch a game together and bet on the result. The game is enjoyable even without friends. Basketball provides great entertainment, which is why people wager on it.

Several bets available

The high-scoring nature of basketball betting lends itself to some innovative wagers. Participants wager on how many points their team will win over their opponent in basketball, similar to a handicap in most other sports.

Each area of basketball has its betting market. Long-term betting may be your thing so that you can bet on basketball championships. The variety of bets available makes it easy to find something you like. Everyone can find something they like in the variety of bets.

Popular Basketball Bets Types

There are a variety of basketball betting types to guide you. If you're new to betting, you should know these are the most popular online basketball betting markets.


Most people bet on the money line. It requires you to predict the winner. The Los Angeles Lakers can play the Cleveland Cavaliers during a regular NBA season. You can predict which team will win between the two. Taking a bet on the Los Angeles Lakers, and they win, you win.

Race to Points

There is also a race to the points basketball betting market. Betting lines require you to predict which team will score first—taking the Chicago Bulls and New York Nicks as an example. You can predict that the Chicago Bulls will reach 20 points first. You win if that happens.

Handicaps/Spread betting

A handicap is the most common point spread betting option in NBA games between superior and inferior teams. A disadvantage will be applied to the superior team in this case. Bets can only be fulfilled when the superior team overcomes handicaps. 

The Miami Heat may get a handicap of (-5.5) in a game between Minnesota Timberwolves and Miami Heat. There is an aspect to consider before punting on Miami Heat. First, the Miami Heat must overcome the handicap (-5.5). Next, you must still have a higher final score than the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Winner Margin

You can use the Winner Margin option instead of predicting the Match Winner. This type of bet requires you to predict the margin with which the winner will win. You can punt on the Golden State Warriors to beat the Indiana Pacers with a 10-point difference. By the end of the NBA game, the margin must be correct to win.

Over/Under markets

Total bets include Over/Under. Bettors predict the combined score of two teams in NBA games. Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics is a good example. Over 200.20 is a good wager for both teams. If you want better odds, consider the Correct Score market.

Quarter Bets

Olympic basketball betting odds on quarter bets are usually exciting. Bets on professional basketball leagues can only be placed in quarters. Basketball bettors and Europeans usually use them. Punting on Utah Jazz to beat Brooklyn Nets in the first quarter is a good example. As a result, Utah Jazz must lead by halftime.

How To Bet on Basketball?

How To Bet on Basketball?

When you understand basketball gambling, placing basketball bets is easy. You can use this basketball betting guide if you're new to the game.

1. Choose A Basketball Betting Site

The first step is to choose a basketball betting site and create an account. You should choose a site that covers every NBA game. It should cover the NBA playoffs, finals, and initial games. The site should also have all the necessary betting features, including:

  • Live Streaming Option
  • Cash-Out Function
  • Bet Builder
  • Last but not least, consider a sportsbook that offers in-play betting.

2. Create Your Betting Account

Once you've found the right sportsbook online casino Malaysia, you need to register. Your address, contact, and personal information are required for account registration. Additionally, you must email the operator the necessary documents. You can only access every section of the sportsbook that way. Account verification is required for specific tasks, like making essential transactions.

3. Deposit by choosing a payment method

Your bankroll must be positive to place a basketball bet. Make a deposit using your payment method. Payment methods vary between sportsbooks. VISA, MasterCard, and ecoPayz are some common payment methods. Skrill and Neteller. Your account can be funded securely with available payment solutions. Ensure the payment method allows the minimum deposit.

4. Make your Bets

Place your bets once you have an account and enough bankroll. Basketball betting requires multiple factors. Go through the events and select the match you wish to wager on. Compare the odds after selecting the markets—finally, stake and bet. If your prediction is correct, you can wait for the outcome.

Basketball Betting Tips

Place likely basketball bets by applying basketball betting tips and strategies. You can increase your chances of winning bets by following these strategies:

- Find the best odds

Basketball odds are always worth checking. Comparing odds from different markets will reveal competitive odds. Outright spreads and special bets offer substantial odds on football. Betting on these markets is riskier than other options. If you place a winning bet, you profit based on the best odds.

- Bet on matched odds and arbitrage

There are two types of betting systems: matched and arbitrage. Place basketball bets using these methods to increase your winnings. Since they cover every outcome, expert punters find it difficult to make an unlikely wager. By using sportsbook bonuses to place multiple bets on the same market, matched betting cancels out the risk. Arbitrage involves betting on all outcomes of an event across different sportsbooks. No matter what happens, you win.

- Predictions from Basketball Tipsters

Following basketball tipsters is a good idea if you're an expert punter or an amateur gambler. Tipsters always provide crucial information. You'll know which bets to place with expert predictions. Make the best basketball gambling decisions by adding such valuable information to your research.

- Track Your Betting

Maintain a basketball betting record. Only then can you figure out what works. Extensive records are also recommended. Keep a record of all your wins and losses. Track all major games. You will need this information for future research.

- Profit from small wins

Bettors tend to place more basketball bets when they make small profits. Big wins overshadow small wins. It usually makes punters eager to win big, and eventually, they place any bet with big rewards. Take small wins and profits to avoid making such mistakes. Any win is worth celebrating.

- Playoff home-court advantage

National Basketball Association playoffs are elimination matches. During playoffs, players usually do well at home. Consider the home-court advantage by focusing more on the hosting NBA team. The team will likely win when all the top players are in good shape.

Basketball Betting Apps

Basketball Betting Apps


A small screen makes it easy to evaluate the options and place your bets with the best NBA betting apps.

A clean and intuitive design is essential when working with a 5" screen.

A mobile-first daily fantasy sports platform, FanDuel's sportsbook app is optimized based on years of experience. As soon as you use their easy-to-use betting app, you'll understand why they're more of a tech company than a traditional gambling company.

-Even with weak WiFi or data, pages load quickly.

-Mobile users prefer the mobile interface to desktop users.

Basketball Betting Predictions

The following information is included on all expert basketball prediction sites:

  • Match or event time and date
  • Competing teams
  • League/Tournament
  • Rating and username of tipsters
  • At the time of publishing, odds were taken from the bookmaker
  • Types of bets
  • Prediction
  • Previews and analyses

When you sign up for a basketball betting site, you can follow your favorite tipsters. You'll receive real-time notifications when your favorite tipsters post a new tip.

Final Thoughts

The same principles apply to basketball betting as they do to other sports. You will profit from your wages if you know the competition, betting markets, and selections. Understand and make more informed decisions by becoming well-acquainted with all relevant terms.

You can use online resources to improve your ability to pick strong bets. Basketball betting skills can be developed through experience. Don't make any decisions based on a single insight.

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