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A beginner's guide to Tennis Betting 2022

It is no surprise that Tennis is among the most popular sports for bettors. Tennis is Europe's second most popular sport after soccer, American football, and basketball.

You can bet on Tennis if you are new to sports betting and tennis betting. For experienced betting pros, some of these tips may seem obvious, but this guide is for beginners. Even if you are looking to get into a tennis trading career slowly, this could be an excellent place to start.

Tennis betting

What is Tennis Betting?

Fans around the world follow Tennis closely. It means there are thousands of sports bettors worldwide betting on different matches. If you're new to the sport, analyzing games accurately and understanding unique markets can be difficult. To increase your chances of winning, read on for tips on how to bet on tennis games.

Why should I bet on Tennis?

Why should I bet on Tennis?

Here are some reasons that make Tennis betting popular among online casinos in Malaysia.

i. Analyzing Tennis is easy

It is relatively easy to analyze a tennis match. It takes time to predict a tennis match, but even a newbie can do it. The only thing you need to do is follow the form of the top players.

ii. Provision of an outright winner bet

Tennis bettors can place a winning bet on the outright winner regardless of their expertise. Before a major tennis event, bettors can access helpful odds.

iii. Live betting

Tennis live betting is for you if you know how to read a sports script. Your tennis predictions can be a boss with your expertise. Additionally, you'll get the following:

  • Free Odds
  • Getting beneficial tennis betting tips
  • Information about Tennis and live scores
  • Results of matches
  • Stakes for tennis betting.

iv. It's a year-round sport

It doesn't take a season for punters to bet on Tennis. In contrast to football and basketball, this game is played year-round. Live betting tennis is also available, and there will be no interruptions for tennis games.

v. Opportunities to make money

Making money by betting on tennis matches online is one of the cheapest and most fun ways to make money. If you know your onions, you can get mouth-watering results by betting on the matches.

Popular Tennis Bets Types

Tennis games have a variety of markets. To pick the best market for your prediction, you need to understand each type of tennis betting. You can bet on these popular ones.

Match Betting

Bets on matches are similar to money lines. The winner of this match is not the whole tennis tournament but the individual match. Both players are available, and there is no draw in the options.

Depending on the outcome, either side has odds. Odds are lower for favorites than underdogs. It doesn't necessarily mean either side will win, even with lower odds.

Set Betting

Set betting aims to predict the outcome of tennis matches. Two outcomes in a tennis set enhance the odds.

Three-set matches have two possible outcomes, and bookmakers provide a line for each. Tennis betting of this type has better odds than betting on a win or set result.


It involves betting on a match's exact score and expected winner. The odds for this option are usually higher than in most tennis markets since you are betting on two outcomes. Risks are higher, however.

Over/Under Betting

An over/under bet usually involves predicting how many sets each game will take. The winner is not picked here, but rather the match duration. Over/under 2.5 is usually the most popular market.

If you believe the tennis match will take two straight sets, you bet on under 2.5/ If you feel it will take longer, you bet on over 2.5. Usually, the odds aren't even.

Handicap Betting

Match betting, or outright betting, is usually improved by handicap betting or spread betting. It is possible to bet on the margin of the win or loss instead of on the player's win/loss if you expect them to win.

Handicap betting benefits the weaker players when you handicap them or boost their odds before kick-off.

Tennis Accumulators

A tennis accumulator is a multiple bet. The odds and payouts are higher when you combine several bets. Risks also increase. Do a thorough analysis, however, and you can win reasonable amounts. Tennis betting picks are available on any tennis market; many players select match bets for their tennis accumulators.

Once all games on the bet slip have been played, accumulator bets are settled. Losing one bet means losing everything. A few bookmakers offer insurance promotions such as free bets or cashback to refund a portion of accumulator losses. You can cash out before all the selections are complete.

How To Bet on Tennis?

How To Bet on Tennis?

Place a tennis bet like you would any other. Tennis betting expert provides steps for new players to get started with the bookmaker without an account. Regardless of the platform, you can apply these steps.

Step:1 Pick a tennis betting site

Look for a reputable gambling platform if you don't have one. Tennis matches worldwide should be covered on such a platform, not just in major leagues. Pick a platform that accepts players from your region to make transactions easier.

Make sure the bookmaker's website is easy to navigate. Look for an app for your mobile platform or a responsive mobile site if you regularly do live tennis betting.

Step:2 Open an Account

Go to the selected bookmaker's website and click the signup link. Click the link to fill in the required information on the signup form. Your contacts, biodata, and currency preference are included.

The registration process won't take more than a few minutes. A link or code will confirm your contact method. Before logging in, confirm the account.

Step:3 Payment Methods and Deposits

Log in with your username and password. Go to the website's 'My Account section and choose a method from the available options. Online transactions are best done using the method you normally use.

You can now click the newly added deposit method within the cashier. With your service provider, add the amount you wish to deposit.

Step:4 Bet on it

Betting involves selecting markets and bets. Go to the tennis section of the sportsbook and choose your game. Click on the market to select it. Make all your selections in the same way.

Enter the wager amount in the bet slip you just created. Click 'place bet' to complete the bet.

Tennis Betting Tips

- Odds Analysis

Various sportsbooks offer different odds when betting on tennis matches. Bookmakers don't all offer the same odds for a particular match, so shop around to find one with the best odds.

You can get better value for your money if, for example, you find two different bookmakers offering odds of +120 at one sportsbook and +130 at another when betting on Rafael Nadal to win in straight sets against Roger Federer.

An online sportsbook's Tennis betting odds can also give you an idea of the bookmaker's confidence in the outcome. For example, if one bookmaker offers +120 odds on Rafael Nadal to win in straight sets and another offers -150, that's a big difference. Their opinions about who will win are very different.

When you bet $100 and your chosen player wins, you will receive the "+" sign. You would receive $120 back if you bet $100 on that player and they won, for a total payout of $220 if the odds were +120.

To win $100, you must bet $100. When a sportsbook offers odds of -150 on a particular player, you need to bet $150 to win $100 for a total payout of $250.

- Statistics matter

Sports bettors rely heavily on statistics. Cricket and football betting strategies, for example, rely heavily on stats that give insight into what the most likely outcome will be based on the results of previous events.

Tennis betting tips are always useful since it isn't a team effort. Bets on tennis players are usually on individuals or pairs of players if you follow the doubles events. It's also all about the individual and the human element in golf betting strategies - more on this later.

- Know your players

The individual player must be at the center of any tennis betting strategy. The human element plays a role here. Your favorite player may perform better on grass courts than on clay or hard courts because of this preference. In the grass, Roger Federer is considered 'unbeatable.'

Is there a player who rarely defeats a nemesis? Will they cross paths early in the tournament? Any serious tennis bettor should consider all of these factors when wagering. As part of your betting on tennis strategy, it's important to consider various events or circumstances that may affect a player.

Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis Betting Apps

Various sports betting apps are available for the mobile market, making betting on Tennis online easy. Tennis bets are not limited to online tennis betting sites; many top online sportsbooks offer mobile betting apps.

Top-tier tennis betting apps are available on all the best betting sites for Tennis.

When using a tennis betting app, users can access the same offers and odds as on the betting site, whether live Tennis betting or wagering on upcoming matches, tennis betting apps are optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Here are the top 5 tennis betting apps for iPhone and Android:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook App
  • FanDuel Sportsbook App
  • BetMGM Sportsbook App
  • Caesars Sportsbook App
  • BetRivers Sportsbook App

Tennis Betting Predictions

Tennis betting predictions are best at Fans can excel at Tennis betting with Dimers' tools, computer analysis, and expert data. Dimers' Tennis bets are free and accessible to everyone, so check them out now to see the odds.

Take note of these tennis betting rules before you stake your bets.

  • Make a plan
  • Bet on a specific type
  • Bet on different sites
  • Analyze everything
  • Important research
  • Only bet when the value is significant.

Final Thoughts

Tennis betting can be enjoyable, but, like any other form of gambling, there is always the possibility of losing money. Research your chosen markets before betting; don't bet more than you can afford to lose!

Betting Tennis odds is an excellent solution for punters seeking to eliminate many risks. Singles betting requires you to focus only on two players and two strategies simultaneously. What's better? The outcome can only be one of two. You can also watch, play, and bet on it. You will enjoy your time at online bookies.

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