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It wasn't all that long ago that we could play casino games on our smartphones and tablets, and now there's a new digital behemoth joining the fray. TVs with innovative capabilities (also referred to as connected TVs) are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a multi-media platform that allows users to not only watch free-to-air television but also to surf the internet, access paid streaming services such as Netflix, and most importantly, play real money casino games on the big screen.

Smart TV Online Casino

With an estimated one in every eight Australian families now owning a smart TV, many owners are still unaware of all of the potential of their television, and as a result, are not getting the most out of this cutting-edge technological advancement. Smart TVs function similarly to smartphones in that they serve as a multimedia hub connected to a variety of Internet services, including web browsing and applications. Consider it a cross between a computer and a television set in terms of functionality. To use the web capabilities of your smart TV, you must have one of these services set up at home. Likewise, because the TV is connected to the Internet via a conventional WiFi or Ethernet modem connection, you must have one of these services set up at home.

All smart televisions have a home page from which you can access the television's various functions, including apps that are entirely free to download. Because each television manufacturer has its app store, the specific features that are offered vary between different types and models of the same set. A smart TV's actions are controlled using a specific remote or voice control. The App Store and Google Play both provide small apps that can be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to manage your smart TV from anywhere in the home using your mobile device.

Since 2015, many intelligent televisions have been introduced, most available in full HD, LCD, and LED. Panasonic, LG, Sony, Samsung, and Hisense are just a few companies that have created some of the most popular models.

The following are examples of popular innovative television models:

  • LG Smart TV in 4K Ultra HD
  • The Panasonic Viera Series is a line of televisions manufactured by Panasonic.
  • T910 Series of Sony Bravia Hisense Televisions
  • Samsung Series 6000-9000 televisions

A majority of the new televisions reaching the market have intelligent features, ranging from the most basic to the most extravagant. Suppose you currently have a nice TV, but it is not intelligent. In that case, you may get a specific set-top box that will provide you with access to innovative TV features without purchasing a completely new unit.

How to Play Casino Games on smart TVs

Although there are no dedicated casino apps for smart TVs, the fact that the most excellent online casinos are all web-based means that you may play games on your smart TV by just opening your Internet browser on your device. Open a web browser on your television and click on one of the links in our table above to be sent to one of the top online casinos.

Sign in or create a new account using your smart TV's remote control, exactly as you would if playing on your personal computer. If you want to play for real money, you will need to make a deposit, but if you're going to play for fun, you can do so in demo mode (except for living dealer games which require real cash wagers to play). Choose from various browser-based casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, craps, keno, and scratches, among other options.

Using a Smart TV to Play at Online Casinos

Although innovative television technology has advanced tremendously, many users continue to experience web browsing speeds when using a smart TV to surf the web or play online games. This will, not sure, be a thing of the past shortly, but for those who are dissatisfied with the existing speeds or do not have access to a smart TV, there is an alternative solution available to them.

It is possible to immediately connect your television to a compatible laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet by utilizing an HDMI cable. This will allow you to stream the games straight to your television screen while retaining the full speed of your Internet connection.

Even though you'll still need to use your keyboard or mouse to make your orders, you'll be able to enjoy playing on a large screen in high-definition resolution.

Amazon has recently introduced a new technology that allows customers to enjoy playing on a large screen in high-definition resolution by speaking into the Amazon Echo. With so many people already embracing voice control, it is only a matter of time before this becomes the standard for all devices.

This is especially beneficial for live dealer casino games, which feels like playing at a real casino. In addition, HDMI cables are inexpensive, making them a highly economical alternative if you already have a smart TV or want a quicker Internet connection.

Cons of playing video games on a smart TV

Remember that web browsing on your smart TV may not match your requirements for Internet speed, but bear in mind that this technology is still in its infancy and that advancements are being brought out continually to stay up with the times.

Another disadvantage of innovative TV gaming is that TVs may be more vulnerable to attacks and viruses than computers, with reports of malware being installed on televisions from remote locations. Another disadvantage of innovative TV gaming is that TVs may be more susceptible to attacks and viruses than computers.

Television manufacturers are now collaborating with anti-virus software developers to develop malware protection specifically for intelligent TV technology. However, if your TV is not adequately virus protected, you should exercise caution when entering any financial information over an unprotected network. Stick with the online casinos we recommend on our website because they are all safeguarded by dependable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption protection.

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